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We wish you a blessed month! Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan 2023 / 1444 Announcement

Alhamdulillah, we are pleased to announce the start of Ramadan 2023/1444 from Wednesday at maghrib! (1st Ramadan on Thursday) Please see below for further information on what Masjid Al-Ikhlas and Cambridge Islamic centre is offering during this blessed month in'sha'allah! 

We will be providing Iftar daily during Ramadan. 

The first Taraweeh will take place tomorrow (Wednesday 22nd March 2023) Insh'Allah . 
Taraweeh prayers will begin promptly after Isha Jama'at, please refer to the Prayer Timetable on our website for all Jama'at timings. 

I'tikaf will be available during the month of Ramadan. Please Enquire at the Masjid Office 

Download Ramadan Timetable

About us

How It Started

Masjid Al Ikhlas & Cambridge Islamic Centre is the result of the a local community project to provide essential services to the local Muslim and wider community, and to compliment the existing mosque. 

in consultation with the Muslim Community and with local service providers, such as social services, City Council, Education and Health services, Key services to be offered were:  Janazah services; talks; Women’s' groups; youth groups; social space; Coffee bar; special interest groups; Jummuah prayer etc. 

In 2008 the search was on for a building with suitable features to use as a base and a facility to provide these services. Alhamdulillah, the property at 4 Devonshire Road became available and was attractive for it's existing public worship building class, it's versatility and suitability to be altered or improved, it's easy transport links (with the Cambridge Rail station within 5 mins walk) and it's cost in relation to similar buildings.

The CAMBRIDGE MUSLIM TRUST was formed as a Chartiy organisation to facilitate the purchase of the building.

Alhamdulillah, by Allah's grace the community pulled together to purchase the building and the keys were handed over in November 2008.

Where we are now?

Alhamdulillah, the community pulled together to purchase this building in October 2008. The building was in dire need of refurbishments and the plan was to add a second floor and renovate the building to accommodate the communities needs BEFORE opening the doors to everyone.

Alhamdulillah, we plan and Allah plans (and Allah SWT is the best of planners).

Ramadan was fast approaching in 2009 and many among us were keen to use the facility for night prayers so renovations were done to the building and through hard work and determination the building was opened for use during Ramadan. Usage of the centre developed and this is where we are now 

UPDATE: The Cambridge Muslim Trust is currently in a consultation period with the Muslim Community of Cambridge - This is your chance to give your advice and suggestions with regards to the building work that is planned. Please see this page for the Official Notice of Consultation


The wudu areas, the sisters section, the kitchen and most of what you see here today were only ever meant to be temporary…  In fact the intention was that the centre was only to be used after all of the building work and renovations were complete

The Future, insha'Allah

We have fully architected plans that have planning permission already agreed. All we need now is the funds to start building! Improvements to the building include:

A second floor, offering a whole new multi-use space for activities such as classes, mother & toddler groups, classrooms, consultation rooms.
Brand new Wudu/Wash facilities for brothers and sisters
dedicated rooms and facilities for Janaza
Brand newly refurbished kitchen
Please see 3D renders below for an illustration of how the building will look.


Measuring success.
The previous generation has done most of the hard work so that the coming generations can focus on education, providing guidance to others and becoming a benefit to society.