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Parental Support

Parental support is a must at Madrasa Al-Ikhlas. We strongly believe that educating our next generation does not lay solely on the shoulders of the madrasa. In fact, we both work together
as a team to support and educate the next generation. Therefore, it is essential to provide a supportive learning environment at home for children.

How do I support my child at home?
It is straightforward to support your child at home. Each student at Madrasa Al-Ikhlas has a homework
book which the teacher uses for each session.

Simply check the homework sheet and carry out what is stated on the sheet.

Remember to sign it to confirm it has been completed.

We also recommend keeping in regular contact with the class teacher to ensure all is going well at our madrasa.

Remember, if homework is not carried out regularly your child may lose their place at Madrasa Al-Ikhlas.

The most important element in a child’s education is the example set by those around them; a child simply does what he or she sees.
So parents, please remember that if you ignore the teachings imparted in Madrasa Al-Ikhlas, children that attend the madrasa become confused and eventually discard such teachings.


Measuring success.
The previous generation has done most of the hard work so that the coming generations can focus on education, providing guidance to others and becoming a benefit to society.