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Masjid is Open

Assalam Alaikum Respected Brothers and Sisters

JUM’ AAH will be held in repect to GOVERNMENT COVID-19 GUIDELINES. 



Please do the following BEFORE making your journey to the Mosque:

Wear a face covering or mask
Bring your own prayer mat
Bring your own shoe bag
Come with wudhu (ablution facilities / toilets will be closed)

• Everyone must wear a face covering/ face mask on entry and at all times until after leaving the building 
• Only people with a prebooked valid booking ticket will be allowed in for the booked Jummah prayer. 
• Please do not arrive early to enable those attending the earlier prayer to depart safely and for thorough Effective cleaning between each Jummah session to be undertaken
• All households must remain separate and segregated and all worshippers must not intermingling, gather, or socialise when arriving at the Mosque or after departing the Mosque 
• Safe distancing must be observed at all times when arriving, whilst in the building and upon exiting the building

Jazak Allah Khairan.

Masjid Al Ikhlas & Cambridge Islamic Centre

One of the greatest blessings of islam is its admirable success in creating strong, warm, rich and durable bonds of love and brotherhood between people. Masjid Al Ikhlas & Cambridge Islamic Centre aims to echo and promote this ethos of brotherhood and sisterhood with a mix of prayer, education, cultural and lifestyle activities and deliver much needed support that will respond to the needs of our community and the community at large.

As we are continually faced with fresh challenges, it is important for us to lead the way in creating awareness and a better understanding of the muslim faith and culture; through outreach programmes that engenders integration and, to be seen as clear role models in the Cambridge community and across the uk. 

As we look to the future it is crucial that we invest in supporting the growth and development of a new generation who will socially and culturally enhance the environment in which we live.


Funeral Service

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un
 "We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return."

Islamic Studies

Teach the childrens more about the faith, Quranic studies and Islamic history in accordance to the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah.  

What's On

Know about regular islamic activities, sports events and social gathering. And information for other important events through out the year.

Nikah Information

Marriage Solemnisation Family life is the building block of a successful society, an occasion of great joy in the Muslim community.


Dr AbdulMajid Ali - The dangers of Astrologers, Numerologists, Soothsayers, Superstitions etc....

Mahdi and the Signs of the day of judgement



Weekly Reminder Talks every Friday before Maghrib (will begin again after...

The Ummah preparation for Ramadhan.

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Measuring success.
The previous generation has done most of the hard work so that the coming generations can focus on education, providing guidance to others and becoming a benefit to society.